Thanks to our good friends at Camp Quality,lunch will be provided to all.
All drivers & family members will be feed on the day.

We will have a donation bucket - should you feel the need to provide one.(donation that is)

For all of you who haven't resisted for the 2011 event - please go to

This will be a big year for KIDS in CARS, each year this event has grown.

KIC have changed the format for this event and going forward - we would like to invite all the drivers families to attend this event to be  part of the family fun day - all drivers families will be given the same wrist bands as the CQ children - to make some new friends and enjoy the day come on mums and dads drag the kids down and lets show them a fun day out ...Drivers registration will NOW Include driver + 3(all to be given the all day fun pass - total cost to the drivers & family $30.00 - up to a max of 3 people per driver)