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A Masterton man suspected of turning up at crash scenes in a fake "fire safety marshall" patrol car, posing as a paramedic or fireman, is under investigation by police.

His car was spotted most recently in Ngaumutawa Rd on the afternoon of Thursday, August 19.

A witness told police they had seen the car being driven down the busy arterial route with lights flashing and an air horn blaring.

The person said the car appeared to be driving to an emergency and had been speeding down the centreline - as traffic flowed in both directions - forcing drivers off the road.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen the car around Masterton that afternoon to come forward.

Highway Patrol Constable David Townsend said although it was not an offence to have emergency lights fitted, it was an offence to activate them.

He said the investigation was concentrated on the way the car, an older white-coloured model with the words "Fire - Safety Marshall" inscribed on the driver's door, was being driven on the Thursday and was not probing allegations that the suspect had posed as a fireman or paramedic, or that he had been actively carrying out medical procedures.

Masterton Fire Service station officer Garry Nielsen said he had fielded a telephone call from a woman complaining about being pushed off the road by the car.

"We're really concerned that there's people out there acting as the fire service and which we've got no control over," he said.

Mr Nielsen said he had never before had a call about poor driving relating to a legitimate member of the fire service.

Another fire service source said the man had been posing as an emergency service worker for nearly 10 years and may have travelled as far as the South Island to live out his fantasies.

"He has tried to join the fire and ambulance as a volunteer and turns up at crash sites before emergency services get there.

"He tells the public he's a medic and attempts to treat people ...

"When we rock up, he's gone," the source said.

The man at the centre of the investigation apparently managed to become a volunteer fireman at a station outside Wairarapa but was thrown out after a week.

He is also thought to have had an emergency services scanner recently taken from him and is said to have changed his name from time to time by deed poll.

Anyone with information about the Ngaumutawa Rd incident should contact road policing Sergeant Chris Megaw, Masterton police on (06) 370 0300.